Selasa, 22 September 2015

PHOTO GALLERY : SWEETY PINKY MAKE UP with missha pearl eye liner

OK i'm back from the death hahaha today i'm going to post the stuff i did while i am not at blogspot lol like it matters but you know what's so good about having a blog ? i am not be a power blogger but i love looking back what i did long time ago it's like reading my memory  lol

sooo  i'm getting quite good with make up well just a basic thing but it's better than my disaster Halloween make up last time lol 
aaand i'm going to post some of my pic using make up, i already post it on instagram but only some of it 'cause i don't wanna piss of some people who is following me, well it's up to  me actually i don't really care if they ended up unfollowing me but you it's like some kind of social media attitude lol ok i made this up 

i am gonna post some photo gallery i did this moooooonthhhsss ago with some bizarre make up technique lol 

can't believe i can be this sweet with pink

ok so i'm using a super cheap eyeshadow so i can't blend it perfectly

this is the missha pearl eye liner 

and hell yeah remember my face shop lovely me:ex blusher no. 1 ? it turns out well now since my face is a lil bit brighter now hehe

i love how that pearl eyeliner makes my eyes brighter 
반짝반짝 !

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