Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

PHOTO GALLERY : dolled up!

YOU KNOW WHAT PEOPLE? I'M SO CLOSE TO EXAM BUT NOW 2.24 AM I'M BLOGGING OMG THIS IS MADNESS!!!! but the funnier (is this supposed to be funny? damn) thing is i'm super calm and feeling no pressure at all geezzz

sooo you know what i was just killing my time by looking at my phone gallery and i feel pretty ....... hell damn yes i am so kawaii shameless and it such a waste to keep that pic all by my self i don't even have a boyfriend to send him my pretty selfie lol 
 here's my kawaii booty shake i hope my future boyfriend like it. . . . . WTF

so yeah this is my second latest(?) make up i actually want to upload older pic first since i've been on hiatus fo long long long time and unfortunately due to minimum memory space my pic is all ove the place nowhere to be found lol so yeah whatever 

lookin' good 

typical semi-duck face
side profile
another side profile (you know what ? i edited this pic and upload it on my instagram and my hair somehow turn out to be green huu i wat to dye my hair so bad but i'm so afraid! 

look at my scars ugh so stressful 

don't you love my new contact lenses ? it's ok if you don't i'm so obsessed with contact lenses since i have to wear glasses and it's been 2 months but i still didn't get use to wear glasses, but i don't wear my contact lenses to college cause i'm too embarrassed, i usually look like a garbage at campus lol seriously though 

tryin' to be cool , just keep trying'

"umm look at that sexy slice of pizza"
"better keep my mouth closed i'm on diet"

"but one slice of pizza won't hurt"
so random

tired of life 

P.S: please take a look at my pretty cute lenses pic i have an urge to brag about it

i got three of them well i actually have six! but the other three have to go to to heaven cause i bring them travelling and the water spilled so the lenses running out of water and rest in peace , bye 

P.P.S : i miss home so much it hurts

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