Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

silent advertising?

pst i just put my blog link at my personal bio twitter well you know i want to tell the people who know me i have a blog but at the same time i don't want my 'real' people know i have a blog cause it is not like i started blogging to become a popular kid or something being a blogger is so much fun bcs i can say anything on my mind like i have an actual friend that listen to me kkkk so.... can u see my dilemma ??? ok by lol

Senin, 20 Oktober 2014


HELLIAHAHA soooo suprisingly i have no class today yippieee but i am to lazy to study at home so yeah here i am ! 
but this gonna be short

not too long ago i got so much free time in my hand and being alone in my room is so boring so i decided to learn how to do make up, learn? you must be thinking (or not) i do know how to do make up but HEY i know nothing well actually i know but i never really tried it to my face i've been watching a looot of beauty video recently but you know i'm just watching it like o yeah gurl that's how you put eyeshadow piramid technique bronze here and there and blabla but never really tried it hahahah 

so this is the make up that i use , well i think some of them only available in indonesia
and i don't even wear any bb cream or powder so my pores and my scars are getting exposed here and there haha 

please don't mind my curly arrow, it took me awhile 

so wanna see the result? well i'm not a pretty girl though .. so yeah please excuse my face hahah 

my lips first :p, so the dear darling tint looks like this, and bcs it's a tint so it doesn't help my chapped lips 

side profile kkkk 

the odessa eyeshadow isn't really pigmented but this is good, i put the black eyeshadow along with my eyeliner so it doesn't look ..stiff(?) and btw i really love how my eye looks somehow mysterious lol

aaaand this is me deeerppppp lol 

wonder why i never look at the camera? cause i'm busy checking myself at the screen hahaha 
and after that day i realized my eyebrow is a mess so i shaved my eyebrow i googled so many tutorial to get my eyebrow done and thanks God my eyebrow is safe kkkk

so what do you have any tips to improve my make up skill? oh please tell me :D

oh btw i just randomly done my toe nails haha this is what boredom did to me  

oke bye now i really need to pee 
bonus kkk  

bonus kkkk 

Jumat, 17 Oktober 2014


YOU HAD ME AT HELLO HELLO HELLO OOOOOOO~ im trying to sing here omg forget it
ok it's been sooooo loooooooong since the last time i post something and it's not like i'm back with a better grammar i'm still using my broken english lol i don't know i didn't have any feels to do my blog recently, i'm busy with my boring life ;'( and you know what? I FINALLY WATCHED EXO THE LOST PLANET CONCERT WOAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I REALLY ENJOYED THE CONCERT EVEN THOUGH I'M TIRED AS HELL LINNING UP SINCE 4 AM BUT LOL PARTY HARDDDD I'M GOIING TO MAKE A POST ABOUT THAT KKKK 

soooo today i'm gonna do a review about THE  FACE SHOP LOVE ME:EX CUSHION BLUSHER NO. 1  and BATH AND BODY WORKS PEACH CITRON BODY LOTION these two doesn't realy have a special thing so i decided to put them together 

first let me show you the lotion

my friend gave me this lotion because she doesn't like how it smells but you know what ?? IT SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN LEMME REPEAT IT SMELLS LIKE HEAVEENNN *deep sniff*

it contains some kind of paraben and alcohol whic is not very good but hey Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in personal care products (i quote this  from here , you can open the link and know more about parabens ;) )

this is how it looks nothing special just like anyother lotion

okay the price is lil bit pricey for a little bottle of lotion well thanks i got it for free lol

and this is the spesification if the container
(somehow the way i edited this picture make it looks so sophisticated lol)

so the conslusion is i'm gonna give this 2.5/5 points 

Pro :

  • smelss so gooooddd~
  • friendly size for travelling
  • moisturizing well

Cons :

  • nothing special after that pro even when it cost a litlle pricey so yeah 
  • contains paraben and alcohol

now let's move to the blusher


the case is made from paper(?)

it has a piece of plastic to separate the blush from the applicator

this is the applicator, should i call a puff? yes a puff , btw cute ribbon is cute hahah but.. dirty T_T


this is how it looks and it doesn't ,match my skin tone at all!!! it goes gray on my skin and too much glitter it kills meeee, i can't make any further review aboutths cause i can't feel it it's just nononono so many beauty blogger statisfied with this blush but i don'y this this blush is made for me hehe ugh i bought this blush when i know nothing about make up and put my trust to the employee TT TT 
and i got this for $11 i think

so the conclusion is i don't like this blush i'm not gonna make a poin about this




  • my cheek looks gray everytime i applied this blush
but well maybe if your skin colour match it'll looks nice on you i have a dark skin tone but recently my skin getting brighter because i'm wearing doctor's cream and do some special facial for my acne prone face lol yeayy!! 

this is a pic of a plastic map my friend gave me from korea kkk 1000won! so cute eh ? 

so okay goodbye good people, nice to meet you again ^^