Kamis, 30 April 2015


heloo everyone what's ups? i hope everything is going well for you ^^ *kawai face* so i'm so in the mood to blogging i don't know why and i love it i finally can do something with the thing that i love hehe so today i'm back with another review which is about ETUDE HOUSE OH~ M'EYE LINE #3 BROWN yeay for that unique writing style. so actually i bought this along with another thing that is missha pearl eye liner and etude styling eyeliner because it was wow kind of cheap at gmarket but i'm gonna do a review about this first because i love thisssssssssssss yassss so let's go to the pic ladies

this is it our cutie liner! this liner looks so petite and i love it

this is how the applicator looks, actually the reason i love this liquid liner is because i never have one and i never know how easy to draw eye line with liquid liner
my first eye liner is pencil liner because people say pencil liner is the right liner for the beginner and then i'm not satisfied by it and it kind of hard to use because i bough a cheap one from maybelline and then like a boss i bought gel liner and never use it for almost a year cause i always failed lol but because of my curiosity i keep trying and some how it getting easier that's why i quiet love it when i bought this liquid liner cause as soon as i use it i can make an even liner on my eyes without any struggle , you know sometimes gel and pencil liner can get clumpy and i hate it

and this is how it looks when i applied it on my eyes  but you can see i'm not quiet sure if liquid liner is the right thing to make a bold eye liner cause it works the best for thin liner and sharp eye cat
but the thing is liquid liner is like a thin layer like a sticker so some how it looks stretched and you have to keep your eyelid down and wait until it dry or it'll be a mess (but its not that long just a couple of seconds) 

 is this liner waterproof ? hell yes it is!
how about smudgeproof? no it's not :( so be careful to not smudge your eyes to strong

btw guys my eyes is kind of deep (?)or sunken so i feel like eye liner doesn't really show it shaped when i open my eyes i even have triple eyelids on my left eye ugh
but whatever we have to love our self whatever it looks like right? lol 


  • cheap! only about $3 (IDR 36.000)
  • cute packaging
  • waterproof
  • good applicator
  • easy to use (i recommended this to  the beginner)
  • long last (with no smudging) 


  • not smudgeproof (but it's ok since it is so cheap haha)
  • looks stretched 


so yeah this is the end of the review no p.s or p.p.s cause i kind of hungry and sleepy now hehe hope this help and don't forget to follow my instagram yeay ! xoxoxo 

Rabu, 29 April 2015


HALO SEMUANYAAAA HEHEHEHE kali ini aku mau review pakai bahasa indonesia aja kkkk aku mau review tentang lipstick MAYBELLINE COLOR SHOW  #403 PLUM PERFECT & #308 ORANGE ICON lipstick ini banyal banget dijual di ..kalo bahasa inggrisnya mah drugstore hahah kaya Guardian dan Watson juga ada di counter counter maybelline yang biasanya ada di matahari atau centro dan departement store lainnya, nah kedia lipstick ini aku beli di watson harganya gak terlalu mahal hanya sekitar 32.500 kalo gak salah (kalaupun salah intinya harganya gak melebihi 35.000 haha)okedeh langsung ke pic aja ya

ini dia bentuknya sederhana banget yang orange aku baru beli kemarin sedangkan yang yang plum aku beli udah agak lama makanya udah agak kusan haha

ini nomor shadenya yanng 2014 itu aku rasa bukan tanggal expirednya soalnya kan baru di beli biasanya itu tanggal pembuatannya
dan shadenya itu sebenernya banyaaak bangeeeettt cantik cantik lagi dari nude-pink-orange-plum semua nya ada berbagai macam shade dari yang warnanya kalem sampe yang bold banget jadi bikin ngiler mengingat harganya juga yang ga terlalu mahal hehe

ini yang warna plum #403 udah agak tumpul aku sebenernya jarang pake ga pernah malah pake ke luar paling cuma buat foto-foto aja di campur sama warna lipstick lain kenapa? jawabannya ada di bawah hahaha

nah ini yang orange #308 masih baru masih fresh dan bentuknya masih bagus

ini aku swatch di tangan warnanya seperti ini ladies (ki:plum ka:orange) hasilnya gloddy ya ga matte
oh iya wanginya agak kuat tapi wangi permen gitu sih cuma aku gak terlalu suka hehe


 eng eng eenngggg ini dia gambarnya kalau di pakai di bibir ;D

nah ini yang warna orange icon #308 aku sukaaa banget warnanya lovable, sweet pretty , natural suka deh pokoknya hehe

oke ini foto keseluruhannya beserta muka aku hahah warnanya cantik buat di pakai sehari - hari tapi mungkin karena harganya yang murah rasanya agak waxy jadi di bibir terasa agak berat

nah aku sering banget pake lip concealer apa pun jenis lipsticknya soalnya bibir ku agak gelap so aku coba dengan lipstick ini ternyata warnanya jadi lebih kalem lebih cantik dan natural kalo yang gak biasa pake lipstick terlalu nge-jreng hahaha bisa di pakein lip concealer dulu, ini aku pakai lip concealernya merk etude

nah ini keseluruhannya natural banget warnanya nyatu sama blush on aku. blush on ku sendiri itu merk wardah haha mungkin aku akan segera review juga soalnya lumaya bagus blush nya :) 

nah ini dia nih shade plum perfect #403
aku gatau di foto dia ini keliatan kaya hot pink aku udah foto berkali - kali tetep sama haha 
btw plum termaksud warna yang lagi ngehitss loh

nah ini dia plum yang sebenarnya, aku kurang suka soalnya aku ngerasa jadi kaya tante - tante hahaha aku punya lip tint merk peripera yang warna pum juga dan ternyata emang ga terlalu masuk di aku tapi peripera masih bisa diakalin dengan lip concealer kalo yang ini aku ga berani pake keluar mungkin buat yang biasa pake warna yang bold atau ngejreng gitu mungkin akan bagus


  • harga amat terjangkau hanya sekitar Rp 32.500
  • mudah di dapat
  • warnanya terlihat banget walau hanya sekali swatch
  • melembabkan bibir 
  • banyak varian warna


  • agak waxy (agak berat dan stuffy di bibir)
  • packagingnya terlalu membosankan (ini sih mungkin karna aku kebanyakan beli merk korea yang lucu - lucu bentuknya haha

Edit : warnanya tidak tahan lama namun bila di re-apply dia menempel natural jadi seperti liptint 
jadi ini adalah pro dan kontra secara bersamaan :D 


okeee selesai review maybeline semoga membantu buat yang mau beli hehe 

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thankyou!! have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Senin, 27 April 2015


HELLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWW YES SIR I'M ONE OF A KIND! lol sorry i'm so into GD these days , i guess it's been suuuuupeeeeerr loooooonngggg when the last time i post something :'( i just come back from department store because i have a free day today yippiieee aand i kind of want to do a review heheh  this actually has been on my draft for the past few months but everytime i tried to write a review my mood suddenly emm what should i say down or something like that and the past few months some stuffs happen like my father had bypass surgery at Malaysia so we kind of busy going here and there but thanks God my father is healthy now i hope he remains healthy i love him so much it hurts watching him having so much pain but he never complains he always smiling and tell some jokes whenever his chest hurts hmm ok i get kind of teary now 

go to the review soo today i'm going to do a review about THE FACE SHOP RICE WATER BRIGHT CLEANSING LIGHT OIL phew such a long name to write if you read my mini birthday haul you must be know i bought this almost a year ago when i go to TFS to get my birthday discount but i forgot to bring my ID card geez bitter memory, but i just started using it recently ok i'm talking to much here it is 

this is how it looks so simple but pretty
that little black thing at the pump it prevent the pump getting pressed when you bring it somewhere if you want to use it you can just simply remove that thing and put it on again

can you see it's only 70% left, that's because my brother dropped it i don't know how it happen but after that this cleansing oil always leaked everywhere so i don't think i can bring it for travelling

ok i don't knw anything about what is written over there 

wow i still have almost a year to use it before it expired

i'm gonna show you how well it works i'm using eyeliner and eyebrow pencil

just a small amount and smudge smudge smudge

voilaaaaa its all clean, and you know what satisfied me more ? my face becomes reaaallllllyyyy soft after i clean it with this super love this oil cleanser it doesn't make my face dry too


  • cleanse my face really well
  • smell good
  • 150ml for 90.000 IDR ($8) such a good deal (its on sale btw )
  • makes my face really soft
  • doesn't make my face dry


  • i think the bottle is kind of loose(?) it keeps leaked (or maybe because my brother dropped it really hard idk )

The conclusion is i love this oil cleansing yeay! 


p.s : i ate this such a long time ago apple with plain yogurth tastes like heaven lol i don't even know what heaven tastes like
p.p.s : ok this is sad but such a relieve at the same point BEST OF BEST concert which will be held at May , my chance to meet KIM TAEHYUNG MY BB and SNSD EONNI that i adored so much they're the reason i love kpop and my chance to meet SHINEE and WINNER is GONE PEOPLE, IT IS GOOOOONEEEEEEEE they canceled the concert because the tickets don't sell well omg i though this concert is going to be a hit but it is not idk why i mean it's GIRLS' GENERATION mannnnn well whatever now i'm waiting for my refund which is kind of good because it feels like i'm saving my money lol vvip ticket is such a good amount of money so yeah please be faster you refunder (?)