Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014


HELLO GUYS ! this is my second post this week but this time i'm not doing a review i'm just gonna show you some product that i got for myself at my birthday yesterday , this is supposed to be so exiting but damnnn i'm so broke right now aftre using my money to buy myself a present i don't think i'm going to do it again next year lol, well this haul gonna be a mini haul cause yeah just some product i don't even think i can call it haul hahahaha well yeah i'll stop typing nonsense and let you see what i got yesterday

so this is some from etude house i got this only for 99.000 rupiah ($8.46) (i got this cheap set at gmarket)

this is ETUDE HOUSE MAGIC ANY CUSHION TRIAL KIT , i want to buy the full size but i was kind  of confuse about which shade i should buy so i think i should try the trial kit

i supposed to get tonymoly lip tint but they sent me nail polish instead i was kind of disappointed :( 

and the last thing is strawberry macaron pouch by etude house well this pouch is so cute but it was made of rubber so it can easily get dirty 

next is from THE FACE SHOP

so the one in the bottle is THE FACE SHOP RICE WATER BRIGHT CLEANSING OIL they have 50% discount for this so i went crazy  but yeah i've been searching for cleansing oil actually but BAM they're so expensive and i got this for 96.000 rupiah ($8.20)  i think

and the one that looks like a lip balm is THE FACE SHOP ANTI TROUBLE SPOT , yeaaah i have so many son of an acne a.k.a scar or dark spot on my face and my friend recommended me this one so yeah i bought one but dammmmmm 220.000 rupiah ($18.80) for this , i think i'm going to fast for a month, all i can do now is pray to God that this thing is really gonna clear up my face from dark spot, Amen.

and this is some freebies i got JAJAAAANG i reaaaaaaly love freebies hahaha i got 1pc aloe vera mask sheet, 2pcs calming seed, and 3pcs bb cream ayeee i'm going to try them all 

so this is my mini birthday haul, i feel so broke right now i can't even look at my wallet, but yeah it's my birthday anyway so yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ^^

Selasa, 27 Mei 2014


I almost type "aloha" to greet you guys but then i remember i'm getting sick of it, 'cause i've been using it too much :D so selamat siang !!

so today i'm going do a review about QUEEN HELENE MINT JULEP MASQUE , Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment to helps dry up acne pimples,rinse away blackhead & shrink enlarge pores. btw this is a claymask kind of mask , at the first time i have an eye for innisfree jeju volcanic clay mask, i've heard so many good reviews about it, and innisfree is known as korean natural beauty brands and every innisfree product is so temptating i want to buy them all but yeah then i remember how broke i am hahahaha and fyi i love yoona the innisfree ambassador cause i'm a proud SONE  :P buuuuuut you know the price is quite expensive for 100gr clay mask and they don't give you spatula which is litlle bit unhygienic that puts me in the middle of dilemma. and then JAJAAANNNGG i found an instablogger that posted a review about this mask, the review is so temptating and looking at the price is quite cheap for 226.8g with bonus 33% more, for the packaging they put it in a tube hell yeah every beauty junkies be like "Assa~" and then in the middle of dilemma i found an open door, mint julep masque's door (geez)

soo lemme put some picture for you, i know you're here only for the picture and some pros and cons mihihihi

so this is how the product looks like, the size is worth the price hehe

zoom for more

soo i put the mask on my hand

it smells like toothpaste really!

i'm too lazy to go outside to take a pict after 15minutes so i take a picture while laying down on my bed cause i'm a lazy fat cat 

so this the story about me and the mask, i've been using it for almost 2 months i think and i use it 2-3 times a week, the first time i put the mask on i get a tingling sensation especially on my pimples and the area under my nose, and after i rinse it with warm water my face feels so light (?) you know the feeling is like so relaxing i don't know if other people feel the same but i feel in love with this mask and you know what?!! some of white head on my chin the came out like WOW and it is really drying up my pimples even the big pimples uuuh i'm so in loveeeeee with this mask. 

rating : 4.7/5

Pros : 

-drying up pimples
-extracting white head
-large size with affordable price
-easy to apply
-hygienic (tube)

Cons :

-contains fragrance and methylparaben

so this is it my review about QUEEN HELENE MINT JULEP MASQUE , hope it helps you , and once again i'm not confident with my english so please forgive me

Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014


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Selasa, 20 Mei 2014


ALOHAAAAAAlong time no see huh ? i've been busy and stressed because of my exam so i don't have so much time to blogging TT TT TT TT but now i'm freee ~~~

so today i decided to do a review about STE , maybe some of you already know that STE is kind of famous for being a dupe of SKII wee the price is sooooooooooooooo much cheaper than SKII and since i'm just an ordinary student i don't have so much money to bu SKII and i think i'm still so much young to use that hehe so i decided to buy STE instead and i already reading a very good review about it esp for people who's struggling with acne (sigh) .

so let me introduce you with the commercial picture

TADAAAA yes it says 7 free which is very good and you can see the benefit that we'll get after using STE also it contains Galactomyces.

 at the back it's aaaaaaaaaall written in hangul, the size is 155ml 

  and you know what? i just googled to make sure what is 12M means and i was right it means you can use this product for a good 1year or 12months after you open it. 



the product is made of glass

sorry i can't take a proper pict, but you can zoom it :) 

 it's actually have a plug but i threw it away cause i though i don't need it >.< 

sooooooo after using it for almost 3months i get a good review, but for the first week it gives me purging but after it i can feel my face is brighter and pimples doesn't really come up like before, it doesnt make my super oily face get mor oily and it absorbs well on my skin, the scent is idk i can't describe it , it's not sweet it's not bad either but i like it anyway hehe 

and for 155ml i think that was more than enough i really love it cheap haha , and you know i'm using this STE along with mizon all in one snail repair cream which is doing a good job too, and i've heard some good review about this combo STE and mizon for acne prone skin and yeah it's good (Y) 

and i have a picture i got from google you can read it for more information, i think this is quite useful

so i'm going to give this 4.5/5 points 


cheap (145 ribu rupiah ) 
doesn't make my face more oily
reduce pimples quite a bit 
big size
absorbs well


purging at the first time using 

okay this is the end of my review i'm sorry if there's some grammar error , i'm still learning hehe GOOD BYEEEE 

pst i really love this chicken strip soo excuse meeeee?! 


Kamis, 01 Mei 2014



today i'm gonna do a review about THE FACE SHOP SAKE CLARIFYING GEL BODY SCRUB, yap ini body scrub gitu cuma kayanya produk ini gak terlalu nge-hits deh hehehe ini aku beli sudah lumayan lama, aku beli ini dicounternya langsung karena kalo beli ini dapat 1 facial foam ukuran besar dan saat itu aku lagi gak puya facial foam yaudah deh hahaha nah sake ini sebenernya ada beberapa macam produk bod lotion, body foam dll , aku pilih ini ya lagi - lagi karna pada saat itu aku lagi kehabisan scrub haha.

but first of all excuse my while i'm trying to make a review with a little bit english, my grammar is bad but i really like to make the review in english so yeah please excuse me :D 

What is Sake? A spirit derived from the fermentation of rice, this grain wine is gaining popularity in Japan for such skincare benefits as promoting metabolism and purging skin debris for a clearer complexion

i hope you guys can ead it cause the lighting is bad , it's kind of rainy here :"(

 nah ini dia setelah di buka tutup nya photo ke-2 aku ambil waktu baru pertama kali pake, dia disertai lid atau hmm pembatas supaya scrubnya gak berceceran dan wanginya enak banget loh! merelaksasi bgt :D

this is when i applied the scrub on my hand so you can see the texture, you can see the scrub is like tiny grain thing(?) it looks like some kind of seed oh yes maybe this is the japannese rice,well maybe, and also it has bubble that made of some kind of jelly omg i'm sorry i'm so bad at describing. the combination of the grainy scrub and the bubble really do a good job as a scrub, it scrubs your skin gently which is so good. the result is my skin feels really soft and nice and the smell ugh so niceee and it last till the next morning (i'm usually use this at afternoon when i feel tired and gloomy, and feel like dying (loljk) and need something to relax my body hehe).   

ini waktu aku aplikasikan di tangan supaya texturenya lbih jelas terlihat, bisa dilihat scrubnya semacam butir-butir kecil berwarna merah seperti biji-bijian, dan juga ada semacam bubble yang seperti jelly, kombinasi keduanya bikin jadi gak terlalu kasar saat scrub di pakai meskipun kayanya kok gak bakal bersih ya kalo scrubnya gak kasar namun scrub ini bekerja cukup baik membersihkan tubuhku , tubuhku jadi lembuuuuuuuut dan halus banget kalo habis pakai ini dan wanginya itu lohh menempel sampe besok pagi tjadi sene (aku biasa pake sore2 kalo abis capek kuliah hehe)

too bad it contains mineral oil, alcohol and paraben which is bad :( 

cuma sayangnya srcub ini mengandung mineral oil, alcohol, dan paraben :( 

Point: 3.5/5 


1. unique texture
2. mosturizing 
3. makes my skin soft and clear
4. smells reaally really good and relaxing  


1. mineral oil, paraben, and alcohol
2. pricey 

okay this is the end of my review well i'm trying to put english here and there, i'm sorry if i screwed up the grammar lol, byeeeee~

and this is the bonus i'll give you chicken stripping