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I almost type "aloha" to greet you guys but then i remember i'm getting sick of it, 'cause i've been using it too much :D so selamat siang !!

so today i'm going do a review about QUEEN HELENE MINT JULEP MASQUE , Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment to helps dry up acne pimples,rinse away blackhead & shrink enlarge pores. btw this is a claymask kind of mask , at the first time i have an eye for innisfree jeju volcanic clay mask, i've heard so many good reviews about it, and innisfree is known as korean natural beauty brands and every innisfree product is so temptating i want to buy them all but yeah then i remember how broke i am hahahaha and fyi i love yoona the innisfree ambassador cause i'm a proud SONE  :P buuuuuut you know the price is quite expensive for 100gr clay mask and they don't give you spatula which is litlle bit unhygienic that puts me in the middle of dilemma. and then JAJAAANNNGG i found an instablogger that posted a review about this mask, the review is so temptating and looking at the price is quite cheap for 226.8g with bonus 33% more, for the packaging they put it in a tube hell yeah every beauty junkies be like "Assa~" and then in the middle of dilemma i found an open door, mint julep masque's door (geez)

soo lemme put some picture for you, i know you're here only for the picture and some pros and cons mihihihi

so this is how the product looks like, the size is worth the price hehe

zoom for more

soo i put the mask on my hand

it smells like toothpaste really!

i'm too lazy to go outside to take a pict after 15minutes so i take a picture while laying down on my bed cause i'm a lazy fat cat 

so this the story about me and the mask, i've been using it for almost 2 months i think and i use it 2-3 times a week, the first time i put the mask on i get a tingling sensation especially on my pimples and the area under my nose, and after i rinse it with warm water my face feels so light (?) you know the feeling is like so relaxing i don't know if other people feel the same but i feel in love with this mask and you know what?!! some of white head on my chin the came out like WOW and it is really drying up my pimples even the big pimples uuuh i'm so in loveeeeee with this mask. 

rating : 4.7/5

Pros : 

-drying up pimples
-extracting white head
-large size with affordable price
-easy to apply
-hygienic (tube)

Cons :

-contains fragrance and methylparaben

so this is it my review about QUEEN HELENE MINT JULEP MASQUE , hope it helps you , and once again i'm not confident with my english so please forgive me

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