Kamis, 15 Januari 2015


yoyoyo hello everyone i'm back with another review, so another lip product again and again haha today i'm going to make a review about ETUDE HOUSE DEAR DARLING TINT #VAMPIRE RED
wow such an interesting name haha let's check it out!!

this is how it looks like, it came without a box or other explanation on the back just a plastic wrap and it's just cover half of the product geezzz and this picture is taken when i'm already using is for quite a long time so it's not full anymore

the applicator is looks like this , it's kinda bent and didn't have much fur like cherry tint has 

this is how it looks like when i swatch it on my hand, the color is kind of deep what you say it...maroon? 

buuuut the lip tint doesn't really go well with my lips sometimes i have to apply it so many times 'cause it can be swept easily, but i think it's my lips that weird the inner part of my lips is doing well with the tint but not with the outer part so i can easily get a gradient lips  :/ and somehow maybe because of my skin tone doesn't really match with the tint this tint makes me look like a sick person, so i  don't use it very often

and this is what happen if you use it with lip concealer, it looks a little bit natural

another picture (from my other post haha)

and TARAAAAAAA it is not lying!! it's really a vampire red! reaaaalllyyy goood for Halloween make up tbh, i'm so in love with this! i really looks like a vampire who just finish having a dinner lol

so this is it just a simple review because the product it self is just so simple hehe 


  • CHEAP! SUPER CHEAP if you compare it to another etude house lip tint 
  • the bottle is tall so it's a great combination with the cheap price 
  • really do a good job for vampire Halloween makeup
  • and i'm sure fo someone with a match skin tone with this tint, it'll make you look sexy hehe


  • makes my lips look dry
  • doesn't go really well with my weird lips condition haha oh well i think this is my personal problem
so yeah i'm gonna giving this hmm maybe 3.5/5 point :)

no p.s or p.p.s this time cause i kind of forget what happen in my life lately or maybe my life just so boring lol

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so gotta go now , see you next time

Jumat, 09 Januari 2015


HELLO everyone how are you doing? how you christmast and new year going? mine was good cause i can be together with my family yeay

well i know this is already January but...... i took all this pics like weeks ago too bad i don't really have a time to post this so yeah i'm posting it now :D well this is kind of random but well you know my blog is one of my personal entertaiment so do what i love to do and blabbering about everything is one of my favorite thing to do :P

so this is it what i got on december.....not much eh? ^^

1. sophie martin bag
ok this one is given by my mom, she really likes buying me a bag, last time i checked i have 5 bag from her this year (2014) even tough this is not my style but i always love what my mother gave me hehe

2. GOSH wallet 
i got this from my brother when he buy me meals on his birthday lol he's the one who is having a  birthday yet he bough me a present , he said because he didn't give me a present at my birhday yet 

another bag from my mom, she's so excited when she told me she bough another bag for me lol thanks mom :*

3. loly poly phone pocket (?) and card wallet
ugh the more you grow up the more card you have so this is so helping to keep my cards in one place especially i really love being member here and there lol 

and this is just bath stuff i tried a different brand than i usually use at home

4. MAKARIZO hair mask 
and its reaaaallllyyy make my hair soft i really love this hair mask 

5. bath strip from watson 
actually i've seen this thing long time ago at watson but i don't think i need this then one day they are having a sale and suddenly i need this thing in my life lol and i don't regret buying this, this is such a genius invention cause you can scrub every part of your body easily and those thing in the middle is made of loofah (damn loofah is my favorite word after Calabasas).

and i finally have a bb cushion yeaaayy wait for another review hihihi 

and this is make up thingy 
6. naughty eyelashes curler 
ehm i'ma cheapo person and i regret it, i should buy an expensive one, this one is doing nothing to my eye lashes......i learned my lesson Lord TT TT 
7. benefit posie tint
so i've been searching this amaziinggg little tint on instagram like for so longgg i actually find some but i'm tooo afraid to open my wallet lol untill one day i go to pasific place mall with my friend because she want to buy some nail polish on a bazzar (this bazzar is full of instagram seller) and the nailpolish seller is selling this thing too so i went crazy and buy it right away hihi i'm gonna make a review about it soon
p.s : the seller gave me 2 samples of benefit fake up concealer. so happy ^^ 
8. see those red little palette ? i found it when i was cleaning up my room wow i bought it like soooooooo long ago and i really had a good laugh because i remember i bought it like reaallyy cheap cause i want to learn how to do make up but i gave up because everytime i do my make up i look like someone who just beaten up lol 

 and i bought these to, these are contact lens brand SHE , i know nothing about contact lens soooo i just bought what looks pretty lol but i asked the employee and she said this one contains a lot of water that's all i know
and see what happen when i wear the brown lens wow i just realized how amazing a pair of contact lens can be 

and this aroma therapy candle, i bough this from ace hard ware....... it doesn't smell at all TT TT TT 

let's go to kpop stuff!! 

so i have a really ridiculous friend named yemima and this is my birthday gift from her, i love it so muchhhh huhuhu 
p.s : she's so ridiculous but i love her because she's ridiculous xD 
hihihi KAI soft case for my phone, it's really hard to find my phone case most of people just selling samsung or iphone so this is nice thanks to ridiculous yemima that help me bought this, she's the one who make the contact with the seller lol 

and yeah i bought another BTS album, i still can hear my wallet screaming TT TT TT 

so this is a sneak peak of BTS DARK & WILD album

yes those red thingy is heart my poor heart <////3 
i can't help for not being cheesy with that sticker 

so this is my random haul hohohoh hope you get any references from it , i know i should just write this with bahasa but i forget and i already writing half  of this post so please excuse me aand my grammar 

see you later XOXOXO