Kamis, 15 Januari 2015


yoyoyo hello everyone i'm back with another review, so another lip product again and again haha today i'm going to make a review about ETUDE HOUSE DEAR DARLING TINT #VAMPIRE RED
wow such an interesting name haha let's check it out!!

this is how it looks like, it came without a box or other explanation on the back just a plastic wrap and it's just cover half of the product geezzz and this picture is taken when i'm already using is for quite a long time so it's not full anymore

the applicator is looks like this , it's kinda bent and didn't have much fur like cherry tint has 

this is how it looks like when i swatch it on my hand, the color is kind of deep what you say it...maroon? 

buuuut the lip tint doesn't really go well with my lips sometimes i have to apply it so many times 'cause it can be swept easily, but i think it's my lips that weird the inner part of my lips is doing well with the tint but not with the outer part so i can easily get a gradient lips  :/ and somehow maybe because of my skin tone doesn't really match with the tint this tint makes me look like a sick person, so i  don't use it very often

and this is what happen if you use it with lip concealer, it looks a little bit natural

another picture (from my other post haha)

and TARAAAAAAA it is not lying!! it's really a vampire red! reaaaalllyyy goood for Halloween make up tbh, i'm so in love with this! i really looks like a vampire who just finish having a dinner lol

so this is it just a simple review because the product it self is just so simple hehe 


  • CHEAP! SUPER CHEAP if you compare it to another etude house lip tint 
  • the bottle is tall so it's a great combination with the cheap price 
  • really do a good job for vampire Halloween makeup
  • and i'm sure fo someone with a match skin tone with this tint, it'll make you look sexy hehe


  • makes my lips look dry
  • doesn't go really well with my weird lips condition haha oh well i think this is my personal problem
so yeah i'm gonna giving this hmm maybe 3.5/5 point :)

no p.s or p.p.s this time cause i kind of forget what happen in my life lately or maybe my life just so boring lol

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so gotta go now , see you next time

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  1. Etude memang bagus2 produknya. Pasangan suka banget pakai produknya :)

  2. yup etude memang paling cocok buat anak muda ^^ thankyou udah mampir ^^