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HELLO COOL PEOPLEEE i know it's been a month since my last update, 'cause i had so many things happen in the past one month hihihhi and HAPPY FASTING EVERYONE :)

soo today i finally get my new room ready and i'm free because i have no class today yippie!  , i live by my self because of college *grow up sucks* and my new place is a great place to take a pict 'cause my window is so big and i got a nice free lighting cause i have so many struggle at my old place i even do some weird position just to take a good picture aaand i forgot to tell my mom to bring my slr which my mom got for free from some company, cigarette company i think i got so many free and cool things because of my parents job hahaha that's why i am kind of a cheap-cool-kids (?) ok this is so damn unimportant sorry guysss idk i really  i love talking about weird things  and yeah i'm still using my phone to take pictures.

so today i decided to make a review about ETUDE HOUSE FRESH CHERRY TINT RD301 CHERRY RED well i don't think this tint is a very special lip tint from etude house but it is cheap so yeah lemme show you some picture

this is how it looks like kind of pretty box 

you can read the introduction ;3 

soo this is the producttt so cute right ? 

yes just like any other tint it has brush 

because of the brush you can't share your tint with other well why would i share my lip products with others , it is kind of indirect kiss eew what kind of thought is that hahaha

this is how it looks like when i applied it for several layer well at first i thought the colour gonna be a little bit redder cause i've tried the sample size and it was so pretty i don't know but maybe this is how cherry red looks like but.. i don't think so....hm and btw it tastes so bitter, but this tint doesn't dry my lips and stay quite long

so this is me trying to make gradiant lips lol i think this is fail idk
sorry for my hairy lips area (?) what you call it? smooth moustache (?)

POINT : 4/5


  • nice packaging
  • cheap 63.000 ($5.34)
  • doesn't make my lips dry
  • long last
  • good for everyday use


  • Tastes bitter
  • the colour is less redder (?) than i thought
okaaay this is the end of my review , i hope this can help you to choose your own lip tint, see yaa!

P.S: are you into k-pop? i'm so in love with BTS these day daaaaaaammn kim taehyung a.k.a V a.k.a SUPER WEIRD HUMAN BEING drives me crazy every day, i need to stop being this crazy, this is so tiring being a fangirl, GET KIM TAEHYUNG OUT OF MY LIFE!! HELP MEEEHHHHH !!!!!

P.S.S : f(x) "red light" is coming out!
i can't handle this alone! i'm not really f(x) stan but damn this is gonna be HUGE i can see it the teasers really gives me goosebumps, i never had a goosebumps except for snsd , f(x) stan let's gather for a hug !

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