Senin, 05 Oktober 2015


damn boredom attack i want to study but my brain is like "meh" and my left eye feels like something stuck on it ssoooooooo uncomfortable  whyyyyyyyyy btw idk why i always put up my shitty story before post something pft


so yeah here i got some shitty haul with me, actually i quite a busy shopaholic this month but i'm to lazy to collect them all and take a family picture because i am a lazy ass

ouuuuu i bought wardah long last lipstick(?) she looks so classy among those beautiful girls but you know how much it is ? only about 30.000 rupiah or $2 lel it's on sale when i bought it kekekekekekke

Me gustas tu gustas tu Sutuduru johahaeyo~

this one to its on sale 19.000 rupiah + 1000 get one more (get it?) so i bought four for about $3 and you know what i've tried using it and i think some of these burn my lips ew and the girls on pic is korean girl band named 'girlfriend' (kind of cheesy eh?)   
i've tried the orange one and it doesn't really do anything to my face but i love the seaweed one it makes my face smoother and moist so i bought another 3 pieces of it and  one pomegranate but  i use it before i even take a pic of it lol it was good too btw, this mask doesn't contain much essence so its kind of dry unlike etude, face shop etc they have so much essence that sometimes it hurts watching the leftover essence

i'm so fancy!!! 
and this little fox mouse (lol) i bought it at the same day with the wardah lipstick and celebon mask sheet well i actually go to the mall to get a wireless mouse and muahahahah this one is on sale too!!! such a lucky punk! i almost buy some random brand wireless mouse because logitec isn't suit my wallet much cause you know i need to buy lipstick lel but suddenly the worker tell me about this one yippieeeeeee 
pefect timing

my mom got me ferrero rocher chocolate, she gives me tons of chocolate and then she mad at me when i am fat, i love her 

so this is from sogo  the saem black eyeliner 
and kaylash whatever eyelash i just want the free eyelashes glue hahahha

 the skin food grape foundation, well the night before i go the mall i watch ssin nim a beauty youtuber from korea and she recommended this , i actually told my self that I WILL NEVER! NEVER! buy something from korea beauty counter in indonesia because what? EXPENSIVE AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!! they're ripping me off i prefer buy online cause it is super duper cheaper once again SUPER DUPER CHEAPER! but then why i bought this skinfood then ? well i actually go to the mall because i want to get my parents eye glasses and then i got a message from skinfood that tell me that i could get 40% disc off for bb cream and foundation if i exchange this message, well i check them out you know what? another bb cream and foundation is expensive as hell!!!!!!!!!!! 30-40$ per item THIS IS MADNES!!!! even with 40% i wont buy it! but guess what?! the lucky punk strikes again! this grape foundation is only about 15$ before discount LOLOLOLLLOLOLL so i get them with so much joy lalalalala HAPPINES 
i love  red velvet joy, joy is happpiness ddungddungieeee 
this one, i just bought for my weird triple eyelid it's mostly like 2 and a half btw i though  i can make my left eye become a proper double eyelid just like my right eye but well this is sucks but luckily its cheap 

so yeah bye awkward closing 
Why no ps? Because this post is a p.s 
I'm so stupid it hurts

Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

PHOTO GALLERY : dolled up!

YOU KNOW WHAT PEOPLE? I'M SO CLOSE TO EXAM BUT NOW 2.24 AM I'M BLOGGING OMG THIS IS MADNESS!!!! but the funnier (is this supposed to be funny? damn) thing is i'm super calm and feeling no pressure at all geezzz

sooo you know what i was just killing my time by looking at my phone gallery and i feel pretty ....... hell damn yes i am so kawaii shameless and it such a waste to keep that pic all by my self i don't even have a boyfriend to send him my pretty selfie lol 
 here's my kawaii booty shake i hope my future boyfriend like it. . . . . WTF

so yeah this is my second latest(?) make up i actually want to upload older pic first since i've been on hiatus fo long long long time and unfortunately due to minimum memory space my pic is all ove the place nowhere to be found lol so yeah whatever 

lookin' good 

typical semi-duck face
side profile
another side profile (you know what ? i edited this pic and upload it on my instagram and my hair somehow turn out to be green huu i wat to dye my hair so bad but i'm so afraid! 

look at my scars ugh so stressful 

don't you love my new contact lenses ? it's ok if you don't i'm so obsessed with contact lenses since i have to wear glasses and it's been 2 months but i still didn't get use to wear glasses, but i don't wear my contact lenses to college cause i'm too embarrassed, i usually look like a garbage at campus lol seriously though 

tryin' to be cool , just keep trying'

"umm look at that sexy slice of pizza"
"better keep my mouth closed i'm on diet"

"but one slice of pizza won't hurt"
so random

tired of life 

P.S: please take a look at my pretty cute lenses pic i have an urge to brag about it

i got three of them well i actually have six! but the other three have to go to to heaven cause i bring them travelling and the water spilled so the lenses running out of water and rest in peace , bye 

P.P.S : i miss home so much it hurts