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ALOHAAAAAAlong time no see huh ? i've been busy and stressed because of my exam so i don't have so much time to blogging TT TT TT TT but now i'm freee ~~~

so today i decided to do a review about STE , maybe some of you already know that STE is kind of famous for being a dupe of SKII wee the price is sooooooooooooooo much cheaper than SKII and since i'm just an ordinary student i don't have so much money to bu SKII and i think i'm still so much young to use that hehe so i decided to buy STE instead and i already reading a very good review about it esp for people who's struggling with acne (sigh) .

so let me introduce you with the commercial picture

TADAAAA yes it says 7 free which is very good and you can see the benefit that we'll get after using STE also it contains Galactomyces.

 at the back it's aaaaaaaaaall written in hangul, the size is 155ml 

  and you know what? i just googled to make sure what is 12M means and i was right it means you can use this product for a good 1year or 12months after you open it. 



the product is made of glass

sorry i can't take a proper pict, but you can zoom it :) 

 it's actually have a plug but i threw it away cause i though i don't need it >.< 

sooooooo after using it for almost 3months i get a good review, but for the first week it gives me purging but after it i can feel my face is brighter and pimples doesn't really come up like before, it doesnt make my super oily face get mor oily and it absorbs well on my skin, the scent is idk i can't describe it , it's not sweet it's not bad either but i like it anyway hehe 

and for 155ml i think that was more than enough i really love it cheap haha , and you know i'm using this STE along with mizon all in one snail repair cream which is doing a good job too, and i've heard some good review about this combo STE and mizon for acne prone skin and yeah it's good (Y) 

and i have a picture i got from google you can read it for more information, i think this is quite useful

so i'm going to give this 4.5/5 points 


cheap (145 ribu rupiah ) 
doesn't make my face more oily
reduce pimples quite a bit 
big size
absorbs well


purging at the first time using 

okay this is the end of my review i'm sorry if there's some grammar error , i'm still learning hehe GOOD BYEEEE 

pst i really love this chicken strip soo excuse meeeee?! 


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