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heloo everyone what's ups? i hope everything is going well for you ^^ *kawai face* so i'm so in the mood to blogging i don't know why and i love it i finally can do something with the thing that i love hehe so today i'm back with another review which is about ETUDE HOUSE OH~ M'EYE LINE #3 BROWN yeay for that unique writing style. so actually i bought this along with another thing that is missha pearl eye liner and etude styling eyeliner because it was wow kind of cheap at gmarket but i'm gonna do a review about this first because i love thisssssssssssss yassss so let's go to the pic ladies

this is it our cutie liner! this liner looks so petite and i love it

this is how the applicator looks, actually the reason i love this liquid liner is because i never have one and i never know how easy to draw eye line with liquid liner
my first eye liner is pencil liner because people say pencil liner is the right liner for the beginner and then i'm not satisfied by it and it kind of hard to use because i bough a cheap one from maybelline and then like a boss i bought gel liner and never use it for almost a year cause i always failed lol but because of my curiosity i keep trying and some how it getting easier that's why i quiet love it when i bought this liquid liner cause as soon as i use it i can make an even liner on my eyes without any struggle , you know sometimes gel and pencil liner can get clumpy and i hate it

and this is how it looks when i applied it on my eyes  but you can see i'm not quiet sure if liquid liner is the right thing to make a bold eye liner cause it works the best for thin liner and sharp eye cat
but the thing is liquid liner is like a thin layer like a sticker so some how it looks stretched and you have to keep your eyelid down and wait until it dry or it'll be a mess (but its not that long just a couple of seconds) 

 is this liner waterproof ? hell yes it is!
how about smudgeproof? no it's not :( so be careful to not smudge your eyes to strong

btw guys my eyes is kind of deep (?)or sunken so i feel like eye liner doesn't really show it shaped when i open my eyes i even have triple eyelids on my left eye ugh
but whatever we have to love our self whatever it looks like right? lol 


  • cheap! only about $3 (IDR 36.000)
  • cute packaging
  • waterproof
  • good applicator
  • easy to use (i recommended this to  the beginner)
  • long last (with no smudging) 


  • not smudgeproof (but it's ok since it is so cheap haha)
  • looks stretched 


so yeah this is the end of the review no p.s or p.p.s cause i kind of hungry and sleepy now hehe hope this help and don't forget to follow my instagram yeay ! xoxoxo 

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