Jumat, 25 September 2015

PHOTO GALLERY : SEXY RED LIPS AND SHARP EYE with mayebelline gel eyeliner and etude house fresh cherry tint #red

i wish i can put a line on that "sexy" title but somehow it doesn't work on title
well you know i kind of want it to be sexy but at the sometimes it's not really sexy lol


actually it works quite good but its getting hard by the time pass by and become very very difficult to use, it last quite long but sometimes after the gel liner become hard i dip the brush in to lips and eye remover so it will soften the gel liner and if you planing to go to party with this it's a no no it'll melt and give you a smoky eye i mean awful smoky eye 

i don't think i'll repurchased cause it's not worth it and the fifth harmony - worth it playing in your head lol

i'm so sorry i'm a terrible model 
this is so awkward
but whatever man 

yes this is Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #Red this lip tint is quite flexible it can be anything haha 
it depends on how you put it 
but maybe it's because a bad lighting too 
my lips looks so full not like usual tint that makes my lips looks smaller 


by the way i never know who is fifth harmony and hell yeah this is the first time i hear the full song at first i even think it's J.Lo song lolololol 
pardon my ignorance 

Selasa, 22 September 2015

PHOTO GALLERY : SWEETY PINKY MAKE UP with missha pearl eye liner

OK i'm back from the death hahaha today i'm going to post the stuff i did while i am not at blogspot lol like it matters but you know what's so good about having a blog ? i am not be a power blogger but i love looking back what i did long time ago it's like reading my memory  lol

sooo  i'm getting quite good with make up well just a basic thing but it's better than my disaster Halloween make up last time lol 
aaand i'm going to post some of my pic using make up, i already post it on instagram but only some of it 'cause i don't wanna piss of some people who is following me, well it's up to  me actually i don't really care if they ended up unfollowing me but you it's like some kind of social media attitude lol ok i made this up 

i am gonna post some photo gallery i did this moooooonthhhsss ago with some bizarre make up technique lol 

can't believe i can be this sweet with pink

ok so i'm using a super cheap eyeshadow so i can't blend it perfectly

this is the missha pearl eye liner 

and hell yeah remember my face shop lovely me:ex blusher no. 1 ? it turns out well now since my face is a lil bit brighter now hehe

i love how that pearl eyeliner makes my eyes brighter 
반짝반짝 !