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AYEEE EVERYONE I'M BACK! well i'm not sure if there's people who actually waiting for me to make another post lol and if there's a person who actually read my blog it would be nice if you guys write a comment or something please let me know if you guys alive!!! 'cause i am so alooneee~~~  actually i'm just doing this blog as a hobby 'cause i'm a weirdo who loves to talk to herself and none of my friends love korean skincare or make up like i do and you know what?! none of my friend know i have a blog, esp beauty blog cause i never promote my blog on my private account ahahhah so yeah .........
my friends must be tease me for having a beauty blog 'cause i look like a hobo everyday lol 
soooo~ today as i told you guys on the last post i'm going to make a korea gift haul i'm not sure if the title is right but yeah i got all these stuffs from my friend who just came back from the most happening country right now KOREA

this is lip product that i got the innisfree creamy tint mousse is 10.000krw (i paid her for this kkk) and the nature republic flower lip balm one of MY FAVOURITE lip balm, at first i though i'm not going to buy it cause i already have a clear lip balm but hey it has KIM JONGIN's signature and photo in it i can't miss this one!! so i ordered one and after i received the lip balm it actually has colour once you put it on your lip, and the colour is so natural and pretty i love it!!! but i love kim jongin more (please excuse my fangirl feels) i'm gonna make a review about this on the next post. my friend says i don't have to pay for this uh i'm so lucky :D

BUNCH OF MASK SHEET YIPPIEEEEEE , my friend told me that the face shop is having mask sheet sale 10.000KRW for 20pcs but i said i don't have money right now i have to buy different books whenever i learn new topic at college and this time i need to spend a lot of money on it and she's getting frustated i think because this is super cheap how can i miss this?!  and she decided to get all these masks for me and i don't need to pay for this! lol and btw she gives me another masks that she got for sample 'cause she knows i love sample
look at that blurry picture i feel like a pro photogapher

 aaaand i ordered two nature republic shooting gel for 9000KRW , i ordered two 'cause this thing has so many uses

i just realized this is like dark and bright side of kim jongin hahahah 

and theeen she gave me MY FOREVER FIRST LOVE KIM JONGIN fan hahahahha i'm so happy with these, in indonesia people sell this fan for like 15$ or something (they even sell that nature republic fan for 10$) and i got these for free, the black one is official from SM store and the other one is free gift from nature republic, FYI my friend stay in a hotel near myeongdong and she likes buying stuff from nature republic, besides from exo is their ambassador she said the nature republic employees are the nicest among other skincare store employee

so next is i asked my friend's sister who is still in korea right now (actually her sister is my high school friend but they're one packet of sister lol so i friend with her older sister as well :p) this BTS album 'cause recently this friend of mine got  KIM TAEHYUNG a.k.a V photocard so i decided to buy one so we can trade the photocard oh im so ridiculous and now bts make another new album i'm not gonna buy that...or maybe later when i have money and the price is getting low hohoho what a cheapo!

 this album is so cool this is like a photobook idk how many pages but  they're so thick, i have no regret on this :")

but so bad i got SUGA photocard if only i got JIMIN maybe i can trade it with V photocard please forgive that kiss mark on taehyung face i just can't leave that face alone

see you on the next post! 

P.S I GOT MY NEW CAMERA YOHOOOOOO so last week i go to my parent's house because of holiday so i bring that camera that my parent got for free (i love repeating my stuff that i got for free lol idk why or should i say my parents give it to me for my birthday so i seems like a rich person? NAH NEVER lol) actually i was kind of confuse because recently my mom got another camera which is so good and cute it has so many cool fiture and before i go to my paretnts house i already saw it and fall in love with that camera a few days before on running man  and i was really shocked that i have one at home hahaha but decided to bring this one 

this is what the other camera looks like so cute right? TT_TT 

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