Rabu, 02 Desember 2015


so yeah lemme tell you i must be look like a giant shopaholic for continuously posting about haul  buut i only bought stuff when i have money and i don't ask my parents extra cash for this so i just happen have some amount of good money sometimes lol i just got some nice cash from my father not too long ago and it is not an usual amount of money lol my father really spoil me this time so i think i should buy everything i need while i have the money yippie money is meant to be spent right ???  i hope my parents business going well and they're keep being healthy and happy

whenever i'm sad i'm looking at this and then life is worth living

so this is it! i actually bough a hair curler for THE FIRST TIME IN MY 21 YEARS OF LIFE, THE FIRST EVER IN MY ENTIRE FAMILY lol you know my family is kind of wash and dry your hair in the sunlight and a lil stroke with a comb and you ready to go kind of a family lolll   but i forgot to take a pic of it tsk shame

so i decided to buy 10 pcs of innisfree it's real mask sheet cause i didn't your any moisturizer right now i still can't find the one that suit my skin so i better take care of my skin with this IDR 100.0000/10pcs not bad

so this is the variant, i loveee this mask they fit my face unlike some other mask sheet that is just too big and the amount of the essence is just right no more spoil essence and i love how this makes my skin feels softer and plumpy (?) and brighter 

and i got this tony moly hair band for IDR 35.000/pcs this is so useful i want this for a long time but to lazy to buy lol i could just buy one at the market but somehow it feels different doesn't hold my hair properly. i love wearing this whenever i'm wearing a mask or makeup or wash my face so my hair stay out of water essence etc

and another eos soft lense cause my other brown softlens is already uncomfortable to use , we gotta love our eyes dude

aaand this is it the most convenient contact lens washer !! for everyone who's wearing a contact lens but so lazy to wash your hand everytime you need to wear contact lens you gotta need this but you should wash your contact lens with your hand sometimes. i put my fab sehun sticker because it have some naruto random picture on it 

this is what it looks like in the inside , it using a battery when you turn it one it vibrate and wash your contact lens 

yes i got another jar of laneige water sleep mask love loveee this one my face feells so good in the morning when i wear that's why it is so pricey and famous 

i bought one because i didn't use anything on my skin no body lotion nor body butter so yeah i gab one cause it smels AH-MA-ZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

 and it looks like some kind of desert i just wanna scoop it and eat it 

i bought another sunblock because wardah cunblock is just makes my face getting more oily through the day and this one i love it! gotta make a review soon 

AHA! i thought i was done buying lip product but what we have here?? 2FREAKING PIECES OF L.A GIRL MATTE LIPGLOSS I-AM-SO-DONE thanks God i got it for the cheapest price on instagram lololol 

so yeah 2pcs of the famous
contact lens water because what ? i bought one and then the next day it was on 50% sale and i feel betrayed so i bought another one

aaaaandd it's been ages when i bough a lip balm , my lips is really dry and i'm using matte lip liquid almost everyday meanwhile my other lip balm the baviphat (review in here ) the one the i got from give away is so waxy it is not like that the first time i'm using it maybe because it getting older. this one is so geeewwdddd smells so good don't waxy pr anything and moisturize your lip really well love this one! 

so that's it my october haul goodbyeeeee

i'm too tired rn its like 1AM here 


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